A cluttered and stressed out mind isn’t very productive. However, a few simple meditation exercises can remedy that.

You know the feeling when you are thinking about a million things at once, and you’re trying to keep it all in order, but you can’t seem to think straight? Then all of a sudden your entire mind becomes empty. Like someone hit pause and the chatter just stops. Have you ever tried that?

reduce stress with meditation

This is the feeling I get after I meditate; a calm quiet awareness of a bigger picture.

I like to say that meditation is defragmentation of the mind. A “decluttering” of the thoughts in order for them to simply move themselves into their right place. Allowing you to tap into your inner self, and recharge your mental batteries from your own power source.

Meditation has helped me go from being a worrier to a warrior, like I was when I was younger, before the stress of having to pay bills, do laundry, get the right job, get the right man and meet the right… expectations?

That “can-do-warrior-attitude”, which I have regained from meditation, can be rekindled in you, too… Realizing that you can give yourself a timeout from stress is a good start… Just a few seconds is all it takes. Let us do this together.

Next time you feel stress or pressure is getting to you, allow yourself to take time to just breathe. If only for a few seconds.

Let go of all the things you have to do for just a little while. They will all be waiting for you when you open your eyes again, but for now, leave them right where they are, on your desk, on the kitchen table or on the screen, just leave it for now.

Take a few deep breaths into your abdomen. Relax your shoulders, unhinge your jaw and exhale. After reading this sentence, close your eyes; take a few deep breaths, then slowly return to your normal breathing and open your eyes. Do you feel a change?

Now, imagine what you can do for yourself, if you meditate for twenty minutes every day. That is really all you need to keep you going for 24 hours.

reduce stress with meditation

With TakeTime, you can meditate anywhere and with the guided meditation themes, like Relax and Serenity, you don’t even have to close your eyes. You simply look at the pictures and listen to the friendly voice guiding you to another state of mind – relaxed and at ease.


Sally Megyessi

Reduce stress with meditation