Have you ever felt pain in your lower back? Had stiff limbs and cold fingers? Most of us, who work in an office, have experienced this sort of pain and discomfort. Your body is telling you that it needs something – and what you’re doing is damaging. Your body wants you to listen to it and do something to amend the problem. Before you quit your job, storm out the door and join a yoga cult in the woods, you can remedy your condition in a simpler and quicker way – introducing TakeTime Yoga.

TakeTime now has 8 unique meditation themes. Our latest addition is By the Sea. However, our vision for TakeTime has always been bigger and broader than meditation. We want TakeTime to give you the necessary tools to take better care of your mind and body – this is our first step in a more physical direction. After downloading TakeTime, you just enter app and in the opening menu, you will notice a small icon in the upper right corner. Tap the icon and you’re good to go.


TakeTime Yoga

So, why TakeTime Yoga? As you’re probably aware of, yoga can do wonders for your body. The ancient concept of self-maintenance is all about you doing various exercises, which help your limbs, muscles and bones – even circulation. The only problem is that you rarely have time to do your yoga exercises during your lunchbreak – nor the energy after the kids have fallen asleep. Pulling out the trusty yoga mat, getting changed and doing 30 minutes of yoga on a regular basis is time consuming. You often forget, but your aching body reminds you.

With our new yoga section, you can do simple yoga exercises whenever you have a few minutes to spare. We have designed TakeTime Yoga in such a way that you can pick and choose, on screen, which exercises you want to do. If you have 5 minutes before a meeting and your fingers are freezing, after a whole day of typing, you can do our Finger Yawn-exercise, which will increase blood flow and warm up your fingers.


Finger Yawn yoga exercise


Have you been standing up the entire morning and come lunchbreak, your feet are numb and weary? You could benefit from the ByeBye Tired Feet-exercise. Sit on a chair during lunch and do these simple flips with your feet for a couple of minutes, and they’ll feel better.


Byebye Tired Feet yoga exercise


TakeTime Yoga features 7 easy-to-do exercises, which can be performed in the office, on the bus ride home or sitting on a park bench for that matter. The important thing is that you do them. Your muscles and limbs need to be loosened up from time to time. Otherwise, pain and stiffness will occur on a regular basis – I should know.

When I worked at a hospital here in Copenhagen, I often spend a lot of time on my feet, checking in on patients. After doing my rounds, there was a lot of paperwork that needed to be done. If my feet weren’t killing me, my fingers would grow numb from typing in patients’ records. On top of that my neck was stiff as a board from staring into the glowing computer screen.

Yoga has helped me loosen up a bit and reduce muscle pain. The TakeTime team and I hope that you can benefit from these exercises. We will have more ready during September and early October.


Kasper Nesager-Hansen
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Introducing TakeTime Yoga: Take care of your body at work
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